The African Competition Forum (ACF) is an informal network of African national and multinational competition authorities, launched in 2014 in Nairobi. The principal objective of the ACF is to promote the adoption of competition principles in the implementation of national and regional economic policies of African countries. To realize its objectives, the ACF engages in the following activities:

  • Encouraging and assisting African countries that do not have a competition law to adopt one;
  • Helping to build the capacity of existing and future African competition agencies; and
  • Increasing the awareness of the benefits of implementing competition laws among governments, the general public and stakeholders through advocacy.

Kenya was the first Chair, with South Africa as Vice Chair and Senegal as Secretary. The Steering Committee comprises of 11 members

Today the ACF has 34 members: 30 national competition agencies and four regional agencies as members

In 2018, South Africa was elected as the Chair, with Mauritius as Vice Chair and Senegal as the Secretary

South Africa is currently serving two terms of Chairmanship




  • The ACF is entirely member-funded
  • For more information please do contact the Secretariat - acf@compcom.co.za + 27 12 394 1270


Some of the ACF activities include;

  • ACF organized capacity buildings
  • ACF Workshops in Mergers and Cartels
  • Sideline meetings at International gatherings (ICN, OECD & UNCTAD)


ACF Publications

ACF Statements

ACF: COVID-19 statement

Date: 07 May 2020


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