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The Process / Method: Concerted Practices Decisions by Undertakings and Association of Undertakings;

  1. The Authority shall initiate investigations/screening into a sector as a result of a trigger in form of a referral from other Government Agencies, directive by National Treasury, media reports, an anonymous complaints or whistle blowers.
  2. The Authority with recommendations will make a decision that will be communicated to the parties of interest that had been issued with a notice of investigations   
  3.  Where there is a contravention, the Authority shall invoke section 34 and communicate to the parties the contravention and the intended remedial action (s) by the Authority within 3 days giving them 21 days to submit their written representation and indicate whether to be granted a hearing conference
  4. Where the parties;
    1. Do not submit neither a written representation nor a request for a hearing conference, the contravention shall  be presumed;
    2. Submit their written representation only, the Authority shall review the submissions within 14 days,
    3. Submit their written representation and request for a hearing conference, the Authority shall convene a hearing conference within 21 days
  5. The Authority shall prepare a report with recommendations in view of procedure iv. above.
  6. When the parties agree to apply Section 38, the Authority shall convene a settlement conference for that purpose.